About Us

Providing a fitting tribute to 'mans best friend'....

Through the dog we enrich every part of our lives. He watches over us, protects us and provides us with love and companionship. For all of his efforts, he asks only that we give him what he gives us, friendship.  

A Little about us.....

Here at canine crafts we know you love your pets... because we feel the same way about ours! Over the years we’ve been to many shows and fell in love with many dog breeds, which we feel is reflected in our outstanding craftsmanship. 

Specialising in hand made cold cast bronze statuettes, and figurines, we are currently offer an exclusive range of keyfobs and busts. 

Every effort is made to ensure the likenesses of our breeds are completely accurate to the standard. All our products are independently critiqued by canine professionals and breed judges before being placed on sale. We feel that our sculptures offer a level of detail and accuracy that has so far not been available to the general public. 

This site has been designed to introduce you to a small selection of our range - and will be regularly updated with new breeds, however if you want to ask about a specific breed - please feel free to use the contact us section of this site. 

About our process...

Here at Canine Crafts we use a specialised process known as cold cast bronzing, by the nature of what we do - each piece we produce is completely unique to its owner, and each one component we produce is a hand crafted labour of love.